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Cambridge High School is a public high school in Milton, GA.

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CHS FINE ART course offerings and descriptions

About Natalie Hudson:

Mrs. Hudson received her BFA in Art Education from Ohio University in 2006, and has been teaching with Fulton County since 2006. After completing her MFA in Printmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011, Mrs. Hudson is inspired and invigorated to begin a new chapter as the Fine Arts Department Chair at Cambridge High School. In addition, Mrs. Hudson is an Adjunct Professor of Foundation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design- Atlanta.

Email Mrs. Hudson: hudsonn@fultonschools.org

follow her on Twitter (CHSfineart) and Pinterest (nhudsonart) to view inspirations and student work.

About David Batterman:

Mr. Batterman received his BA in Studio Arts from Georgia State University in 1998, and his MAEd from GSU in 2015. He utilizes his 15 years of experience as an exhibiting artist, photographer, and graphic designer to inspire and instruct students in the arts. This is his fifth year at Cambridge.

Email Mr. Batterman: batterman@fultonschools.org

About Sam Harris:

Mrs. Harris received her BFA in Art Education with a focus in Sculpture and Ceramics from University of West Georgia in 2015. Mrs. Harris loves to engage with students on their thoughts about what makes art… art. This is her 7th year at Cambridge and she currently teaches our foundation Visual Art Comp.1 course, Sculpture, and Ceramics. Mrs. Harris. is looking forward to spending another year with a batch of new students.

Twitter (CHSfineart)

Email Mrs. Harris: harriss9@fultonschools.org

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