How To Photograph Your Life ( an awesome resource for all things photography)


Photo 1 Syllabus

Photo Design 1 is an introduction to black and white photography and darkroom processing.  Students will construct their own pinhole camera and create a photographic portfolio as they learn the technical and artistic aspects of photography.  A brief introduction to digital photography will be included.  Photo history, critiques of photos, aesthetics and design will be addressed throughout the semester.

PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Art or Art History

Photo 2,3,4 Syllabus

Photo Design II builds on basic skills and darkroom techniques learned in Photo Design I.  Students hone skills in communicating meaning through photography.  They learn to use a 35mm camera, develop and print images from black and while film and refine darkroom and printing techniques.  The course incorporates aesthetics, art criticism, art history and a brief introduction to digital photography.Photo Design 3 and 4 each advance on the course before it. It is suggested that students complete at least a level 3 course before considering Advanced Placement courses.

PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Art OR Art History 1 AND Photo Design 1


Warhol Journal:

Word Journal:

Glitch Journal:


Photo II

Photoshop Tutorial Intro Journal: You will save each photo edited as part of the Beginner Photo Editing Course on the Adobe Tutorial site at:

Photoshop Tutorials Journal II: You will save your final file from each project as part of the Beginner Projects tutorials on the Adobe site at the following links:

Word Portrait Journal:

Black and White to Colorize Journal:  (will do demo in class)

Superhero Movement Journal:

Make an Alien!:

Magazine Cover Journal: (will do demo in class)


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