Noteworthy Blogs

Check this page often for updated blogs which provide excellent inspirations! BE WARNED: We have no control over the content of the following links, as some artists choose to express themselves in unconventional ways.

Art History: Come here to find a log of featured artists and historical references. This blog also features a nice blurb featuring historical context.

Draw Draw Draw:  A blog of all things drawing from Helen Birch, a noteworthy arts curator from London.

The Whitney: The whitney Museum is for the latest movers and shakers in the fine art world. Located in New York, NY.

IheartMoleskines: Journaling inspirations on the daily. You can also submit your works!

Printeresting: Excellent source for the latest and greatest of printmaking works.

Pinterest: The official Pinterest blog, maintained by Helen Birch.

Sketches & Jottings: A blog centered around inspirational artist journals.