Free Art Fridays

Let’s take advantage of our wonderful city and its thriving arts culture!

Free Art Friday is a movement happening in and around Atlanta. The entire culture of the event is to make high quality works that are small and free for the taking to anyone who finds it. The artwork is placed with hopes to bring happiness to others and also to alert and wake the senses when finding something new in an unexpected place. Local artists will use twitter to share their latest “drops” in the city to encourage others to find their work and bring it home. The goal is not to collect them, but rather find a piece to love with the hopes of sharing and passing it on to others. Eventually, takers turn to makers, and create their works to then share with a broad loving public.

Click here to view our previous post on how this movement was inspired from the beginning.

FREE ART FRIDAYS at Cambridge High School– (follow our Twitter @chsfineart)

Ground rules:

1.) FAFATL work may substitute visual verbal journal assignments for class credit. If a student wants class credit for their work they must adhere to the following criteria:

  • A:  Student submits a written proposal two weeks prior to the desired Friday drop (hand out is under the “student resources” tab of this website).
  • B: Student creates a “sample” piece to accompany proposal to teacher.
  • C: Upon approval, student creates a twitter account and follows @CHSfineart and @fcsarts to join community.
  • D: Student adheres to all county and school guidelines regarding appropriate school behavior regarding any Free Art Friday participation and twitter communications.

2.) All work must leave no trace. It may only rest on, be magnetized, or gently taped to surfaces so that no mark is left from its presence.

3.) Students create fine quality works. This means that the material that is being used is quality or re-purposed  and the craftsmanship is careful.

3.) No work may be placed in a classroom or during class time. We are all here for education, and while the artwork is very exciting, it must respect the purpose of our space.

5.) Drops may only happen on the second Friday of each month. Keep the interest by dropping once a month! In addition, you are encouraged to drop in Atlanta to connect our communities!

6.) Tweet your drops and tag the art department and Free Art Friday (@chsfineart and #fafatl)– OR– If you find one, tweet it! Twitter is a big part of this experience, as the communication keeps this project relevant . If no one knows you made it, no one understands they can take it, and then it becomes litter…

7.) BE PROFESSIONAL! No one likes a tacky art patron. Respectful, calm, and polite manners are expected around this opportunity, or it will not continue.

A huge thank you goes out to our Principal Dr. Spurka for supporting our movement, and to the Fulton County Fine Arts Coordinator Felice Margol for inspiring our students!