National Art Honor Society

National Art Honor Society Website

Who: Students who would like to graduate with honors in visual arts. In order to be inducted, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Current enrollment/ completion of a level one art course with an average of 93 or above (meaning, you have finished both introduction to art, and a level one studio course to be inducted in the fall of the next school year).

2. Maintain an 85% average in all classes in Cambridge High School. Students who drop below will be place on “Academic Probation” and could lose membership privileges.

2. Be able to meet outside of school hours every other week to plan art shows, fundraisers, and activities. A minimum of 10 arts-related service hours per school year are required to maintain good standing in our chapter.

Please keep your CHSNAHS SERVICE HOURS SHEET up to date.

Provide teachers with this NAHS PROJECT FORM if they want a project made by our students.

What: Art awesomeness- making projects to raise funds and awareness for the visual arts program at Cambridge High School.

Where: Art room (1.502)


Why: You like art and want to promote the arts culture of the school and our community.