Ceramics 1 is an introductory course in ceramics covering the three basic methods of hand building.  Students will produce ceramic artwork using pinch, slab, and coil techniques.  Students will learn the basic vocabulary of ceramics as well methods of surface treatment, firing, and other related aspects.  Ceramic history, aesthetics, and art criticism will be incorporated throughout the course.

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Art or Art History 1

Ceramics 1 Course Syllabus

Ceramics II provides in-depth work with clay beyond that of Ceramics 1.   Students will further technical ability in hand building, surface decoration, and/or wheel-thrown ceramics.  Glaze chemistry will be addressed with an emphasis on how a glaze works and how to alter results.  Alternative firing techniques will introduce students to various surface effects and firing atmospheres.  Students will work in a more conceptual manner to develop their own ideas, style and artistic voice.  Students will continue to investigate ceramics from around the world and throughout time. Ceramics 3 and 4 each advance on the course before it. It is suggested that students complete at least a level 3 course before considering Advanced Placement courses.

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Art OR Art History 1 AND Ceramics 1

Ceramics 2,3,4 Course Syllabus

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