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Summer Assignments for AP 3D Design Portfolio

SW Assignment  #1) SET UP AN AP BOARD ON PINTEREST: Establish a habit to react with your visual experience.

  • Follow the Cambridge fine art ( https://chsfineart.wordpress.com/) website and make sure you are in touch with the goings on of the school. You should be providing leadership to the rest of the art students in our community.
  • Set up an “AP ART”  board on Pinterest and follow me (@nhudsonart). I make a habit to pin inspirational items- you should, too. It’s so helpful to develop a rich artist reference section, and find tutorials.  I will follow this “AP ART” board, so please only pin images or ideas which are related to your AP studio art research.


SW Assignment #2) Research/ familiarize yourself with AP ART and DESIGN:  Visit the AP College Board website (above)

AP Selected Works/QUALITY– (40% of exam score)In the spring next year, you will  submit 5 actual works that demonstrate mastery of  art and design with writing to demonstrate skillful synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas.

AP Sustained Investigation— (60% of exam score)In the spring next year, you will submit 15 digital images and writing to document inquiry-guided investigation of a concept; works describing an in-depth exploration of a particular Drawing or Design concern through process documentation.

SW Assignment #3) Develop a Visual Verbal Journal:

  • You will fill a sketchbook with the specific summer work assignments (listed below.
  • Your sketchbook should be between the sizes of 8 x 10 to 9 x 12.
  • Make tabs for each page.
  • Every page may include images and words and should be treated as a journal page with considerations made with regards to composition.
  • This book will be a reference for your AP year, so make it count!

 *  Put the date on every page you finish. Once finished, take a photo and load it to your blog. It is a fantastic habit to begin taking photos AS YOU WORK. In addition, the blog will keep a time stamp as you create things. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

DO NOT DRAW FROM PHOTOGRAPHS (stock, online, magazines, etc) that you are not severely altering for your own idea. The use of published photographs or the work of other artists for duplication is plagiarism.  Draw from observation, things you see in the world. Learn to translate the dynamic three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional world.

* NO CUTE, PRETTY, PRECIOUS, ADORABLE, or TRITE images. This is a college level art class, not a recreation program to make pretty pictures to hang in your house. Expect your ideas about what makes good art to be challenged.

*  Don’t be boring with your work. Challenge me! These pages could all be great springboards for pieces in your portfolio. Take this work seriously, and you will never feel stuck for an idea.


 Page 1:  Go online to the AP college board website, look up and demonstrate the definition of Selected Works/ Quality as defined by the College Board.

Page 2Go online to the AP college board website, look up and demonstrate the definition of Sustained Investigation/ Concentration as defined by the College Board.

Later, Use the end of your sketchbook (pages 12-15) to create a sustained investigation. As you complete assignments, these ideas will feed into what it is that you want to focus on for the year. Try to narrow down what makes you tick as an artist, AKA your PERSONAL VOICE.

Page 3: Demonstrate the definition the principles of design: basic rules that govern how artists organize the elements of art.

 Page 4: Demonstrate the definition of rhythm: indicates movement by the repetition of elements or objects.

Page 5: Demonstrate the definition of movement: used to create the look and feeling of action and to guide the viewer’s eyes throughout the work of art.

 Page 6: Demonstrate the definition of pattern: concerned with decorative surface design. The unit that is repeated in visual pattern is called a motif.

Page 7: Demonstrate the definition of balance: concerned with equalizing visual forces, or elements, in a work of art.

Page 8: Demonstrate the definition of proportion: relationship of one part to another or one part to the whole.

Page 9: Demonstrate the definition of variety: concerned with difference or contrast.

 Page 10: Demonstrate the definition of emphasis: makes one part of a work dominant over the other parts.

Page 11: Demonstrate the definition of harmony/ unity: a quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through the effective use of the elements and principles of art.

 Page 12:  Find a pattern you like (clothing, paper, etc), and try to re-create a portion of it accurately as a dimensional design into the surface of a clay slab.

 Page 13: Create a full page spread of 1″ sections showing as many designs or mark making styles you can think of.

 Page 14: Go to my youtube channel and choose your favorite artist from the “artists to watch” playlist. Make a full spread on how they inspire you

Page 15-19:  create a mini Sustained Investigation (series of works inspired by a concept). The next four pages should be thoughtful and connected with the same concept and media. However, each composition should be different and engaging! Create a mini-series of sketches (small works under 6″)  in your preferred media. This series should be thoughtful and connected with the same concept and media. However, each composition should be different and engaging!

SW Assignment #4) Complete 3 QUALITY pieces

Quality #1 CONTRAST:

  • Consult the handout in your summer work packet.
  • Select a media and process that you feel confident in (clay suggested).
  • It needs to be NO SMALLER than 5x5x5″”, and no bigger than 18 x 18×18″.

Quality #2 Artist inspirational work:

  • Choose an artist and make a work inspired by their portfolio.

Quality #3 Free Choice:

  • Make an artwork which demonstrates your best practices.


YOU ONLY HAVE 10 weeks to complete summer work… Time will get away from you quickly, and quality work takes time… get into the habit of being productive NOW!


My summer office hours are:      Wednesdays, 11-2 at the Bethany Bend Starbucks.