Support our the arts! …tell your friends…

araHey, you! Got a mammy, Grammy, neighbor, friend, business colleague, or all-around nice person who wants to support visual arts??

Blick Art supply company sponsors an incredible program called Art Room Aid made just for that special someone!

The visual arts department at Cambridge has pre-arranged wishlists for each class we offer. These wishlists show the more pricey materials and equipment that are simply out of reach in our basic budget. Donors can gift a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE amount or can purchase a specific item that they would like to give!

Last year, our department won a complete fulfillment of our Resources wish list (and won over $1,500 in posters and instructional support materials). In addition, donors supported more than $1000 towards our wished program supplies. We wouldn’t have been able to provide great materials to our kids without that incredible generous support.

click the link below to check it out- Every dollar goes towards kids making art. You can’t lose!

Thank you for supporting our programs!